Magnetic Snap Closure Tutorial


   Male and female half of a magnetic snap plus 2 washers.
Use a quarter to make a circular template on template plastic or any thin plastic. Cut the circle out and using the snap washer, mark the vertical lines on the plastic. Cut the 2 insertion lines with an X-acto knife. . You will use this template to reinforce the snap assembly on the BACK of the fabric (the fusible fleece side). Make a 2nd plastic template to use later for the other side of the snap.

You MUST attach fusible fleece to the fabric back to stabilize your fabric. Plain fabric is too thin and the snap will pull out without reinforcement.

Step 1

Your pattern will provide directions regarding the placement of the snap. In this photo I am inserting the male half of the magnetic snap 1 ½” above the point and centered side to side. Use the snap washer to mark the insertion site on the front side of the fabric. Also mark both vertical lines on each side of center. That is where the 2 prongs go through. Cut these 2 slits with an x-acto knife, scissors or a seam ripper.

The plastic template on the lower left of the fabric above is used on the other side of the fabric (fusible fleece side).

Step 2

Insert the male snap half through the FRONT of the fabric through the 2 slits and turn over the flap with the fusible fleece side up. Place the plastic template you previously made over the prongs on the fusible fleece as shown above. Then place the snap washer over the prongs on top of the plastic reinforcement template.

Step 3

Fold the prongs flat with your finger to secure them in place. You can fold them inwards but I prefer outwards. I sometimes use a small piece of fusible fleece to cover the back of the washer area to prevent chafing of unfused fabric.

Step 4

This completes the installation of the male side of the magnetic snap on the purse flap.

Step 5

On the purse body, mark the insertion location for the female half of the magnetic snap according to pattern directions. Repeat Steps 1, 2 & 3 and listed above.

Step 6

This completes the magnetic snap installation. Be sure your measurements are precise so the snap halves match up in good alignment.