Turn Lock Closure Tutorial


• 1 turn lock with prongs
•1 washer
The receiving unit (front plate and back plate)
• 2 small screws


• Small scissors with sharp point
•X-acto knife
• Erasable marking pencil
•Fabric glue
• Mini Phillips screwdriver (with a magnetic tip if possible)
• Small cutting board
• Small container to hold screws (optional)


1. Consult your pattern for placement.
2. Fabric needs to be stabilized with a mid-heavy stabilizer such as Fusible Fleece.
3. Unscrew the double plate and set the screws aside in a safe place.
4. Using the flat plate as a guide, trace the inside center hole and mark the two outside screw holes.


5. Set the plate aside.
6. Redraw the oval line, extending it to the outside edges of the screw marks. Your marking should look like a football.
7. Using an X-acto knife or a seam ripper, poke a hole into the center of the oval shape.
8. Carefully cut out this football shape using a small, sharp scissors.


9. Using the turn lock piece that has a raised edge, insert through the hole from the front to the back. The side of the plate having the raised edge must face toward the back.
10. At this point, you may have to trim the hole a little to be able to see the markings for the two screws. If you need to do this, be very careful that you don’t make the hole too big.
Place a small amount of fabric glue along the edge of the hole on the front side and reinsert the plate.


11. Place a small amount of fabric glue along the edge of the hole on the back side and place the back plate on, aligning it with the front plate. Replace the two screws and tighten.
12. On the second fabric piece that has been fused with stabilizer, find and mark the exact center.
13. Place the purse flap over the second side so that the hole is directly on top of the place that you just marked.
14. Align the male end of the hinge under the flap and firmly press down so that you leave an indentation mark.
15. Using a marking pencil, quickly mark the two indentation marks.
16. Cut the two marked prong slits with an X-acto knife.
17. Put a small amount of fabric glue under the lock and insert the prongs through the slits from the right side.


18. Turn the fabric to the back side, place the slotted plate over the two prongs, and fold the prongs outward.
19. Place the complete flap over the completed turn lock and twist to close.


Note: The turn lock can be recycled into a new purse in the future.